Yes, Children, Math Does Matter!

Here’s a story for you to share with your offspring or students if they complain about having to do so many math problems:

Years back I read this interesting account in the memoirs of an Oklahoma veterinarian.  One day, he wrote, he had a simple neutering surgery to do on a cat. He was, however, a bit concerned about his new assistant, a self-confident young man who seemed rather slapdash about his work.

The assistant was going to prepare the cat for the surgery while the vet was taking care of other four-footed patients.  Before he left the surgery room, just to be on the safe side, he repeated his instructions to the assistant.  “Now remember, administer one cc of anesthetic for every five pounds of body weight.”

“Yes, sir,” the young man answered nonchalantly.

When the time came to do the surgery the vet entered the room where the cat was lying on the operating table. Puss looked extremely relaxed–flat out on the table. The vet was startled. “How much anesthetic did you give this cat?!”

“Just what you said, sir,” the assistant answered, “Five ccs for every one pound of body weight.”

And the cat is sleeping still.