At Home & At Work

I spent most of yesterday on His Imprint business, but it was enjoyable. Bob & I made a big circle from Delisle to Rosetown to Elrose to Conquest and home again, dropping off a dozen posters in six communities west & south of us. That should help spread the news about the April 28th writers’ conference. In the evening I started the Feb His Imprint E-newsletter; I hope to get it done and e-mailed out on Saturday.

Our circle took in some of the flattest prairie wheat land–beautiful open country on a sunny day. The area west of us is frequented by pronghorn antelope, so we kept our eyes open but didn’t see any.

There’s snow in the fields but not a lot. It was a dry fall hereabouts and farmers are concerned that the rains will come as needed in spring, seeing we’ve had so little snow.  They do a lot of irrigation on the east side of the Saskatchewan River but the farmers on this side didn’t want to switch; they fought the idea until the government quit trying to push them into it, thirty-some years back.

Two years ago a rich Alberta farmer bought up a number of sections of land (a section being 640 acres) in the Conquest area and has hired trackhoes to dig up all the shelterbelts & chip the wood. The old-timers shake their heads. These were rows of very tough trees, planted mostly in the “Dirty 30’s” to keep the wind from blasting all the topsoil off this sandy land. They say with modern “no-till” farming methods the soil won’t blow, but they don’t say what might happen if it were too dry to grow a crop in the first place. We hope and pray that we never see years like that again.

Today I cooked at the Villa, but with three of the residents away (one on a trip, one to the dentist, one to work in his shop) we were only three at the table for lunch. Very easy on the cook.🙂 One gentleman returned for supper–so we were four.  And it’s COLD tonight. Our high was -12 C (0 F); right now its about -20C. Nippy.

Our cat can’t go outside when it’s this cold, so he ‘s bored beyond bearable.  He amuses himself by terrorizing the fish in my aquarium, sitting at one end and pouncing at any that come near.  Or he walks across the lid on the feeder flap; one day I’m afraid it will give way and he’s going to fall right in.  Splash!