Friday the 13th–and good news

Heat?  A Stove?  Whatever For?

A little story to give you a chuckle:  This comes from the days when stoves were being installed to heat the churches in Scotland.  Of course this bit of creature-comfort or “catering to the flesh” met with resistance from some of the older folks.

One elderly woman declared firmly that there was no need for heat in the church.  The old ways were good ways; her forefathers didn’t have heated churches and what was good enough for them was good enough for her.  But she was outnumbered by the more self-indulgent ones in the congregation and a stove was duly installed.

The next Sunday was a cold day, so this old Grandmother came to church as warmly wrapped as ever–if not more so.  After the first hymns she removed her heavy coat with a flourish.  After the opening prayer, in another protest against the unnecessary heat, she discarded her thick sweater.

When the minister stood up to bring the message, Grandma put on her star performance: she took off her wool scarf, mopped the sweat from her brow and fell over in a faint.  This little act made the statement–and caused the sensation–she’d hoped.  Several members rushed to assist her.

As an usher helped her out of the church, he whispered in her ear, “If you’re so hot today, Mrs.-, what will ever happen to you next Sunday when we actually light the stove?”

I had a very hard time making a post yesterday; it took me several hours just to log in and a dozen tries before I could get through.  My connection was reset as soon as I hit the “Publish” button.  Do you have days like that?

Was it the wind?  Was WordPress that busy?  Do I have a virus?  Time will tell, I guess, but if I have to stop doing posts on this blog you’ll find a note about it on my website:

I was excited to receive word Wednesday that one of my poems was chosen for a prize in the last Utmost Christian Writers Poetry Contest.  They’ve asked for a bit of bio and what prompted this poem, so I spent part of this morning writing that – which may never be used, but just in case.  Winners aren’t announced until tomorrow evening, so I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to know how it placed.

If you’re interested in poetry with a Christian theme, you can check out their website:

And now a P.S. to my weekend Journal:
Melvin went back into the hospital Wednesday with a touch of pneumonia and a ruptured Baker’s cyst that made his lower leg very painful.  Today is his 78th birthday–not a great way to spend it.  Sounds like he’ll be able to come home tomorrow, though.  And Ken is slowly recovering, too.